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Community Missionary Baptist Church


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Community Missionary
Baptist Church
316 Filmore St.
Kenner, LA 70062


Our Mission

Pastor Robert Tanner To convert the unsaved, the unchurched and the bewildered searching saint into righteous, holy, and faithful disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the glory of God our Father.

  • To worship God and celebrate life together.
  • To study the Bible as our guide to faith and practice.
  • To love one another as Christ loves us.
  • To raise our children and youth into a committed relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church.
  • To provide opportunities for persons of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to grow spiritually.
  • To welcome visitors, guests and new comers into our circle of relationships.
  • To pray and work for God’s peace and healing everywhere.

Growth Vision

CMBC is in the initial stages of building a new sanctuary and fellowship facilities near the current church.  We are envisioning and living growth within our current facility and are looking beyond these walls to the new facility. 

Property has been purchased, plans have been finalized and ground breaking is slated to begin in March 2007.  To God be the glory!!

Financially, we have just begun.  We must conduct our affairs according to God’s Word.  He will provide the needed resources to accomplish this new task and vision, however, CMBC members must remain good stewards over our finances so that it may accomplish the task which God has granted us.  We must faint not and work harder to reach the goal of this high calling.  Just continue to see the vision of a sanctuary and fellowship facilities that will meet the growing physical demands that we are experiencing, and the opportunities to meet the needs of the community.