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Community Missionary Baptist Church
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The History Of
Community Missionary Baptist Church

Community Missionary Baptist ChurchIn 1962, the organizing work of Community Missionary Baptist Church began. There were many that doubted, but there were the faithful few who dedicated themselves to this great accomplishment. Those dedicated servants were:   Rev. Joseph Daigs, Sis. Mary Daigs, Sis. Ella Knox, Bro. Henry Gray, and Bro. Nathan Girdley (all deceased).

The church was initially established by Rev. Bernard J. Jackson, in a house located at 929 Starret Road on February 11, 1962, where Rev. Joseph Daigs was elected pastor.  This indeed was a year of many firsts as the Sunday School class was held on February 18th, the first Communion Service on March 25th, and the first Baptism was on April 28th. Sis. Willie Mae Jones presented the church with its first Bible on June 3rd. A parcel of land for a new church building was found, and on June 12th it was purchased for the sum of $2,500.00 which is the current location at 316 Filmore Street. The ground breaking commenced on September 30th, with the building being completed on April 19, 1964.

Over the next few years, various purchases were made or donations received for church furniture and equipment. A Beautifying Club was initiated to direct enhancements which included pews, pulpit furniture, tiling, carpeting, paneling,
church speakers, office furniture and pictures. A communion table was purchased
and the church’s first bell was donated. On August 23, 1966, the church received
its charter. 

Rev. Joseph Daigs passed on August 30, 1972 and Rev. O.C. Robinson presided until September 18, 1973 when Rev. H.A. Jones was elected pastor. Rev. Charles Hill then became the next elected pastor on January 6, 1975. The Beatifying Club continued their work to enhance the church both inside and out by paving the exterior front of the church in 1975. In 1980, the church’s interior was remodeled and a baptismal pool was installed. Improvements continued throughout the coming years.

In January 1990, Pastor Charles Hill resigned. In April 1990, Rev. Dale Jay Sanders
was elected as pastor. During his pastoral leadership, the most significant financial achievement was that the church’s note was paid off. On December 10, 1995, Rev. Dale Sanders resigned as pastor. 

In April 1996, God, in His infinite wisdom, blessed Community with another Shepard, Rev. Robert D. Tanner, Jr., a true man of God. Rev. Tanner is the pastor to date. In the eleven years that Pastor Tanner has led Community, there has been a marked increase in tithers and significant improvements to the entire church and fellowship facility. Members and visitors alike appreciate the integrity of improvements and upkeep of the facilities. 

Aside from the physical improvements, Community has strengthened the body of Christ with various new ministries such as the radio and television ministry, men’s and women’s ministry, marriage and singles ministry, media/communications ministry, pastor’s support and partnerships, empowerment/leadership and a youth ministry.

Sketch of New Church

Under Pastor Tanner’s leadership, Community continues to go forth in God’s purpose with the realization of a new sanc-tuary slated to break
ground in March 2007. 
The property has been purchased and approved
for building. Plans have
been developed and approved.


Aside from all of the great progress taking place both in and outside the walls of Community, Rev. Tanner says: “Most important is the fact that we as Saints of God have grown in the grace and knowledge of our Lord. We have been equipped and empowered to live the victorious life in Christ Jesus … To God be the glory for all He has done.”